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Premier Planning & Solutions principal advisor Vladimir Trkulja has been actively involved in the investment brokerage and financial planning industry since 1992. He has provided advice and recommendations on over $200,000,000 in investible assets. His clients over the past two decades include a diverse range of individuals, business owners and corporations.
" I have dealt with Vladimir over the last 10 years and he has helped structure our family's assets in a way that is most beneficial to us and our children. His level of knowledge is far superior to anyone I have dealt with in the past. "
D.Follett, 4th Class Engineer, Toronto, ON
" As a business owner and a real estate investor my financial circumstances became somewhat more complicated with time. Vladimir provided professional financial advice and helped guide us in a direction that will help save us money over the long term and simplify the transfer of assets to my wife and kids, while at the same time helping my estate save a substantial amount of funds in the future."
A.Garaci, Business Owner, Toronto, ON
" Our family has dealt with Vladimir for over 10 years and we always found him to be professional and knowledgeable. He has provided advice to us on a wide variety of financial matters including planning for retirement and investment planning. His level of knowledge is above anything we expected from an advisor."
P. Fox, Teacher, Hamilton
" My family has dealt with Vladimir over the last 15 years. He has provided advice on a wide range of financial matters including RRSPs, education planning, tax planning and my parents RRIF (Retirement Income Funds). My parents and I are extremely satisfied with the professional advice we received. "
B. Wolowiec, Corporate Executive, Weston, ON
" As a business owner catering to residential home owners, my time is spent working for my customers. I find great peace of mind knowing that I receive professional financial advice from Vladimir and that I no longer have to second guess my financial decisions. Vladimir is knowledgeable and extremely professional. "
B.Laca, Owner – PCC Home Comfort, Toronto
" I have received financial and estate planning advice from Vladimir over the last 8 years. As a commercial real estate owner, I wanted to ensure my assets where structured in the most tax efficient way for me and my family. Vladimir's knowledge in tax planning and estate planning was clearly evident to me from the onset. "
R. Aversa, Commerical Real Estate Owner, Vaughan, ON
" Our family has dealt with Vladimir over the last 7 years. Vladimir has always provided us with the time we needed so that we can understand our family's financial and investment situation. Vladimir's professional advice has helped simplify our situation, while at the same helped reduce our exposure to risky investments. We are extremely happy with the advice we received from him. "
C. Rodriguez, Fire Fighter, Maple, ON
" Vladimir has provided me with professional advice on our family's holdings and my personal financial matters. Vladimir's knowledge on taxation and estate planning and general investments is truly incredible when compared to the level of advice and guidance I had received from a variety of financial institutions. "
J. Papaloni, Business Owner, Etobicoke, ON
"I have received financial and estate planning advice from Vladimir over the last 4 years. He clearly is an experienced financial professional with a great depth of knowledge in a wide array of areas including insurance planning, investment taxation and estate planning. "
R. Marzilli, Owner - RAM Construction, Richmond Hill
"Vladimir has provided financial advice to my parents regarding their registered retirement savings plans when it came time to convert these plans into retirement income plans. My parents as immigrants who accumulated some wealth were totally comfortable in their dealings with Vladimir and the level of advice that was given to them and our family on other financial and estate planning matters. "
P.Damaso, Manager – City of Mississauga, Mississauga
"Vladimir helped me set up a conservative but highly efficient investment plan. If you are looking for superlative results, peace of mind and dealing with a personable investment advisor, Vladimir is the person. "
John Dankowych, Owner, ScienceTree Inc.
"I do not know a single person who is more knowledgeable about investments than Vladimir. He also has a terrific ability to make concepts understandable. I would recommend Vladimir to anyone."
Cesare Casciato, Corporate Executive, Toronto, ON

Conservative Investing for Canadians

Vladimir Trkulja wrote Conservative Investing for Canadians providing risk adverse investors with information on a wide array of low risk investments.

Tax Tips and Tax Shelters for Canadians

Vladimir Trkulja's book Tax Tips and Tax Shelters for Canadians was highlighted in the Financial Post and on the Business News Network.

Financial Planning for Canadian Teachers

Vladimir Trkulja authored a personal finance book for educators in Canada helping individuals gain a better understanding of personal finance matters.